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In this module, we cover the true meaning of love, the importance of clarity and consciousness, how there really are only two kinds of relationships and three kinds of people and I break down what those are.

I break down why it is that some kinds of relationships are not seen as legitimate and what you can do about it.

I introduce some key concepts like relationship duress and schizokardia and we finish this module by covering why it is that the 2.0 era that we were born into is dying right now and how and why the 3.0 era is replacing it.

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Buy Module 2 -  Ego, Belief and Motivation

In module 2, we cover how the ego evolved and changed throughout human history and how and why that became relevant to human sexuality and our current social programming.

We take a look at how the human belief system works, the difference between beliefs and ideas and how our own personal sense of reality comes to be defined.

There are some widely accepted but fundamental confusions about how to the human belief system works and we blow those apart in this module.

We look at what I call the pyramid of consciousness – there are 6 layers to that and I break down what they are.

We take a look at motivation and the two basic kinds of motivation and how and why these two basic kinds of motivation relate to the two planes of sexuality in modern society.

We then take a look at collective consciousness and the great amnesia. How it came to be and how it affects modern society.

We also look at the lies that we tell ourselves and why.

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Buy Module 3 -  Core Design + Differences

In module 3 we break down the core design of Sex 2.0. In other words we completely and totally de-construct modern relationships and finally get to the bottom of that eternal question – why are relationships so damn difficult?

We then take a look at core design of Sex 3.0 and see how exactly the fundamental design flaws of Sex 2.0 have been fixed.

We look at exactly how the design of Sex 2.0 causes what I call sexual dissonance in relationships and how the design of 3.0 promotes sexual harmony.

I will then show you a side by side complete breakdown of fenced relationships vs unfenced relationships and all of the differences between the two as well as a side by side analysis of 2.0 vs 3.0 and all of the differences between the two.

In this module we also dive into a relationship model that really works on an individual level – a true road map – something I call pure form relationships. I totally break that down in this module.

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Buy Module 4 -  Breaking The Chains

In this module we go really in depth into how to break free from the old system – how to break the chains.

One of the mostly commonly asked questions I get asked is how exactly do you have the initial conversation with your partners about this issue or with people when you first start dating. How do you introduce these concepts in a simple way?

How do you do so in a way that makes it clear that having an unfenced relationship is for the benefit of both of you?

How do you handle all of the common objections or fears that a partner might have about being in an unfenced relationship? Fears about STDs? Questions about how having kids might fit into the equation.

How can you have security and still have an unfenced relationship? How do you respond if they say they are looking for something more serious? Or if they say that if you really care about someone then you don’t want anyone else?

I have got to tell you something that might blow your mind because when I first started living this lifestyle, one of the things that I was concerned about is – where am I going to find women how are going to be totally fine with this?

I mean they are all just going to totally refuse to get into this kind of relationship, right?

Well the mind blowing thing is that my refusal rate – in other words the percentage of women that refuse to get into this kind of relationships with me is zero percent.

That’s right. Zero. Completely mind-blowing because that was not what I was expecting AT ALL.

In this module I am going to break down how I do that and I am going to tell you how you can do it too.

How do you do that without having to explain this entire 6 week course to your partners?

What would you say if I told you that I have broken all that down into a clearly laid out simple conversation that you can have in 20 or 25 mins over a coffee or a beer. Literally in the time it takes you have a drink or two.

I break down in massive detail in this module exactly how you do that. Not only the complete outline but exact correct tone and attitude to have in the initial conversation – I cover all of the dos and don’ts - as well as answering that other key question?

WHEN do you have this conversation? When you first start seeing each other? Before you sleep together the first time or afterwards? If it is afterwards? How soon afterwards?

All of those questions are answered in detail in this module.

Beyond that the crucial question – where do you go exactly to find people who are down with 3.0 and unfenced relationships? Where do you find these magical people?

This module is called breaking the chains for a reason. It all about not only how do you break free from the old model but how to you help all your partners do the same.

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Buy Module 5 - Crossing The Divide

Ok module 5. Now that you have broken away from the old model, we are not going to let you just drift.

An old model framework for relating needs to be replaced by a new one. A simple rejection of what is can never be a solution in and of itself so how do you get to the other side? How do you cross the divide now that you are free?

How do you move from 2.0 to 3.0? From fenced to unfenced?

We go in depth in this module into the emotional and behavioural model. All that hard work we did all the way back in the primer module really comes to fruition here.

How do you really LIVE 3.0 and unfenced relationships?

2.0 society is using only a tiny percentage of its true potential in love and in relationships.

In this module we really get to the bottom of why that is in practical terms and go into HOW cross the divide between 2.0 and 3.0.

It all starts with ABC – that’s how simple it is – as I explain what that means in this module.

I will explain the invisible crossroads that all relationships reach during the initial grace period. An invisible crossroads that most people go right by and never even realised they passed it.

After this module, that crossroads will not only not be invisible any more but you will know how to make the right choice every single time. Not only that you will know how to continue down the correct path and never stray from it regardless of any difficulties you encounter.

In this module we cover the single most important determining factor as to whether you are good at being 3.0 and being unfenced and how you can be awesome at it.

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Buy Module 6 – Tearing Down the Fences

Finally in the last module – module 6 – we tackle how do you tear down these fences? Now that you know how be unstoppable at being 3.0 and being unfenced, how do you totally and completely destroy every emotional and mental block that gets in your way?

The most obvious one is jealousy and possessiveness. The twin headed monster.

How do you completely and totally destroy jealousy and possessiveness in unfenced relationships? How do you do that for good? So that it never impacts your relationships?

This is easily the single biggest thing that stands in people’s way and this entire module is dedicated to this massive massive issue.

You are going to learn not just how to cope with jealousy or to learn to tolerate it or how to manage it. You are going to learn how to complete and totally annihilate it.

In short you are going to learn how to KILL the twin headed monster. Not to live with it or tolerate it but how to totally annihilate it.

In this module you are going to learn my 12 step program to kill the twin headed monster. I am going to totally break it down.

Beyond that, in this module I am going to teach you how to re-claim love as your birth right. How to ensure that love is not a scarce commodity in your life but how it can be a plentiful and abundant.

How to completely destroy all of the social conditioning that stands in your way.

I am going to teach you how and why I never experience any relationship duress, pressure or judgement as a result of being 3.0 and being unfenced and how you can get those results too.

Once you have finished this module, there is absolutely nothing stopping you.

You will be an unstoppable force.

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